About Us

The Team

Marion is our PR girl and deals with all our lovely clients and puts together tailored packages. She is chatty, bubbly and always happy to go the extra mile.

Jamie is our tech guy and knows everything there is to know about photo booths and magic mirrors. He is very hands on and is always more than happy to explain anything that you may not quite understand.

Darryl is our bit of muscle, he is lean, mean and a photo booth lifting machine. He runs the booths at events and will always be on hand at your event to meet all your needs.

So why choose us?

Why, why why… There are so many reasons. We are sophisticated, organised and fun. We can tailor our packages to meet the exact needs of our clients and are always happy to discuss any options in detail.
We have a state of the art booths and mirrors packed with great props which will be a smash hit at any event.
We are smart, slick and can adapt the props for any occasion. We strive to provide an amazing service every time and promise that hiring us will be worth every penny.
We are reliable and professional and believe in quality over quantity.
We draw on strong foundations and have grown through hard work, client recognition and recommendations. We constantly strive to deliver a fantastic and memorable service to our clients.
We will liaise with your venue and discuss the best place to set up as well as timings so that we compliment any other entertainment you may have.
So trust us to make your event memorable. We have everything in hand and will ensure we will do the hard work and thinking so that you and your guests can enjoy the experience.
We will make your event fun but we take your special event seriously. We know it’s your day and should be your way, tell us what you want and we will deliver.